About Us


Safety Simplified for Manitoba’s Sales and Service Industries

S2 Safety provides industry-specific training, services and SAFE Work Certification within our industries. We aim to help our members simplify the process of putting a safety program in place, which in turn enhances employee and customer safety.

Founded as the Motor Vehicle Safety Association of Manitoba in 2015 and hosted by the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association, S2 Safety is not-for-profit, member-funded association whose mission is to be a central resource to support safe, productive workplaces in organizations in the sales and service sectors.

S2 Safety Industries

Through our partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba, our services are available to a variety of rate codes. We have a solid foundation in the motor vehicle industry, and any company in one of the following Workers Compensation Board rate codes is automatically a member:

602-04: Auctions, Appraisals, Picture Framing and Rental Stores
604-02: Automotive Sales and Repair
604-04: Automotive Body Shops
605-03: Heavy Industrial Equipment Sales and Service
610-04: Heavy Industrial Equipment Rental Services

One additional rate code is close to becoming a member, with nearly 50 percent of the payrolls supporting membership:

604-05: Power Equipment Sales and Service

Don’t see your company’s rate code listed, but you provide sales and service in your business? Give S2 Safety a call, or click here to send us a note.