Meet S2 Safety


Jacquelyn Oduro

Jacquelyn Oduro, CRSP


Having her roots in small family-owned business, and having worked with a wide variety of sizes and types of business through her safety consulting career, Jac knows exactly how to help our members reach the next stage of their safety journey. She takes pride in supporting her members in their success, and her extensive background in helping implement safety programs means that she is well suited to help our members reach their safety goals. Jac’s safety training and degree helped her attain her designation as a safety professional.

Joe Martel

Joe Martel

Senior Safety Advisor

Joe comes to S2 Safety with a combination of safety and training experience, including formal training in both. His focus is to create training that is practical, and gives our members the tools to affect change in their workplace. Living southeast of Winnipeg, Joe is also able to put is safety knowledge to use and provide consulting services to all of our members who are situated in that region. Joe is keen on continuous improvement and efficiency.

Lee Rosenberg

Lee Rosenberg, CRSP

Safety Advisor

Armed with his designation in the field, and over a decade of experience, Lee is heading up our Quality Assurance department. He’s making sure each of our audits is on point, and also responsible for our internal safety program. You can also find Lee training, and assisting our members reach their goals.

Oksana Berezanski

Program Coordinator

Oksana is the glue that keeps S2 Safety together by managing multiple things all at once. Her background in the automotive industry, including automotive sales provides a perspective that is unique. Her training in business administration provides her the background knowledge to coordinate our program.

Tianna Mager


Tianna supports S2 in all things financial and people. Her experience in non-profit and small business management paired with a commerce degree in entrepreneurship/small business and certificate in human resource management helps her coordinate and manage the behind the scenes tasks for the associations. Tianna is always focused on improving our ability to efficiently and effectively serve our members.

Geoff Sine

Executive Director, MMDA

S2 Safety was made possible by the hard work and dedication of Geoff in his role as the Executive Director of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (S2 Safety’s parent organization). His extensive Association knowledge provides insight and direction for S2 Safety on a routine basis.