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Get To Know Us

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Who We Are

S2 Safety is not-for-profit, member-funded association whose mission is to be a central resource to support safe, productive workplaces in organizations in the sales and service sectors.

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Safety Services

Members of S2 Safety have access to a variety of services, including: SAFE Work Certification, safety related training and technology solutions.

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We focus on conversational style training to engage members in their learning and ensuring the course material directly applies to your business.

Find useful links and downloadable materials such as useful templates and act and regulations documents.

You may be an automatic member of S2 Safety. Contact us to find out and register to use our services.

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TWEETS by @s2Safety

1 week ago
Spent a great lunch hour with the fantastic staff at Battlefield Equipment Rental as we celebrated their recent SAFE Work Certified achievement! Congratulations to a dedicated group of people who make safety in the workplace a priority. @BattlefieldCat @SAFEWorkMb https://t.co/eCkqLvvIs3 S2SafetyMB photo
2 weeks ago
S2 Safety Members! Don't forget to check out the courses offered at the Westman Safety Conference April 10 & 11. S2 will deliver the Principles of Safety & Health Management workshop. To see full list of courses offered https://t.co/Bw1AkIiuW7 https://t.co/z6jVPvuslx S2SafetyMB photo