Using a simplified approach, S2 Safety supports our members in building and maintaining safety programs that work for their unique business. Our process merges together safety and business management and provides a well-balanced approach that fosters a positive safety culture. Members of S2 Safety have access to a variety of services, including:

Training Session

  • SAFE Work Certification – the provincial standard, tailored to our industry, against which we measure the health of your safety program against. Successful completion allows members to qualify for the Prevention Rebate, which is a 15% rebate on your WCB premiums.
  • Safety-related training – including committee, supervisory and leadership courses aimed at providing practical methods that you can implement tomorrow.
Our Courses


  • Technology solution via DealerPilot – the documentation component of a safety program can be complicated and time-consuming. DealerPilot’s platform can make this easier.
  • Shared Learning Templates – learn from the experiences of others in similar industries with the ability to reduce risk at your own workplace by applying the lessons learned.
  • Program Development Guides – step-by-step guides to create and implement your safety program elements without having to know the legislation. It’s like having access to your own safety professional.
  • Access to discounts – for safety-related items (i.e. personal protective equipment) and services
  • Gap analysis – to check your program against the provincial standard
  • Action plans – detailed step-by-step plans to help you close identified gaps
  • Emergency support – we are here to coach you through a serious incident or situation